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Safety & Security at Tender Years

Your child’s safety is our highest priority, and we go to great lengths to keep every child safe and secure while they’re in our care.

The entrance to each center is locked at all times. Each center has a security system in place, and each family has their own access code or key fob to gain access to the center throughout the day. Anyone without an access code or key is greeted at the door by a staff member, and permitted to enter only if deemed appropriate. Furthermore, all visitors without proper access will be escorted to their destination.

Tender Years, Inc. holds regular fire drills in accordance with state law. We also conduct drills for other emergency situations. Please ask your center director if you wish to review our Emergency Operation Plans.

In the event of an actual emergency, the children and staff will be relocated to specified locations. Families will be notified that the children have been relocated and should report to that location to pick up their child. If the nature of the emergency does not allow us to relocate the children, families will be asked to comply with the instructions of emergency personnel.