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ACE Customized Curriculum: Adaptive. Coordinated. Essentials.

ACE Customized Curriculum

Looking for a preschool, pre-k or kindergarten curriculum that will best prepare your child for both school and life? Read below to find out why the big franchises just don’t compare to Tender Years.

Tender Years’ very own ACE Customized Curriculum is Adaptive to your child’s needs, Coordinated with local school districts, and focused on the Essentials that will help your child succeed in both school and life. Unlike nationally implemented curriculums taught by the big franchises, our curriculum is designed around the specific educational and developmental needs of our local communities and school districts.



Your child is unique. . . The Tender Years A.C.E. Customized Curriculum is rooted in established Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards and then tailored to each classroom. Teachers at Tender Years consider your child’s needs and learning style as they adapt and optimize each lesson.


Your school district matters. . . We coordinate lesson plans with your local school district*. By taking the district’s education plan into account, we can better prepare your child for school within the district. And while your child is attending both school and Tender Years, we actively reinforce the lessons your child is learning at school.


Your child is growing in many ways. . . At Tender Years, we don’t just prepare your child for school. We help prepare him or her for life. The ACE Customized Curriculum focuses on five essential areas for present and future success: Social, Emotional, Creative, Cognitive, and Physical.

*Each Child Development Center coordinates with the school district it is located within.

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